2-Day Seminar

This layout is perfect for those who would like to have a quicker crash course of our program. While the days are cut in half, the information is not. We give you the same energy and information just in half the time. This seminar works great for those who would like to host a Friday night/Saturday morning schedule. Our team arrives ready to use every minute to give your participants all the information they need to succeed in their journey to eating healthy.

What we provide:

  • We will arrive at your event with the necessary tools needed to present a high quality and professional program.
  • Throughout your two day event, we provide an on-site store that allows participants to purchase items to enhance their journey of losing weight.
  • Our instructors are not only properly educated but each one has each participated and seen great results by using this information inside this program. They are very comfortable in the area of public speaking and understand the technique of keeping the attention of our participants.
  • We have taken the extra step of providing a full-time Marketing Representative to assist you in the area of promotions and marketing. It is our desire to help you meet and/or exceed your goals in hosting a successful event.
  • Representatives of Body 4 Believers will arrive at your event with the purpose to represent you and your organization in a professional manner.

Financial Obligation:We only ask for the overnight expenses to be covered for our team for this program.

If you would like to bring this program to your area, please click here.