Udemy Test Answers
Question: If I get caught out with no approved salad dressing. What is the best to get at a fast food place with my grilled chicken salad?

Answer: I use the one with the least sugar and count it as condiment.

Question: I noticed that the new "o yeah" bar peanut butter crunch isn't a 1/1 ratio. Is this still a believer approved bar?
Answer: Yes it is real close and it is only 350 calories. People eat this without a condiment so we approve it as a meal. You will get enough protein without a blood sugar rise. Not to mention, they are delicious!



Question: Totally confused on chili. How much is a serving. What are you suppose to eat with it?
Depends on what chili. Not all chili works. It must be balanced to work and you can have a fibrous carb with it. Wendy's chili is balanced.



Question: Can we have home canned vegetable soup on a hot day?
Answer: It would be hard to find one that was balanced.


Question: I need meal options at Cracker Barrel. I have used the grilled pork chop meal suggestion from the user manual. Wondered what other meats can qualify. Grilled chicken?
Yes you can have the chicken or pork chops with a fibrous carb. If you do chicken you can get potato and green beans or turnip greens. Another option is Beans and greens, that is a good cracker barrel meal.


Question: Is an apple with a tablespoon of peanut butter o.k. for a snack? BF with NC is not good but I thought this was mentioned in our class as acceptable.
No this will not work. Too much sugar and fat.

Question: Can you tell us which cereals are approved?
The special K protein plus is no longer balanced. The post "carb well" is balanced but hard to find and we have some Health wise that are balanced. Good news the Hood calorie countdown is balanced.

Question: As far as fibrous carbs go, when it says they are "unlimited" on the "extras" page, does this mean even when eating them with your meal you can have as much as you want? For example, broccoli. Or do you still stick to the portion rules even if it is an unlimited FC?
We don't have extras at a meal. 30 minuets after a meal you can have all you want.