How It Helped Others

Greg Locklear lost 100 pounds in 6 months

As a baptist church pastor, I weighed 360lbs. From a spiritual perspective it was difficult to preach "crucify the flesh" when I had so much of it. My health had deteriorated and I had no energy for living abundantly. Throughout my life I occasionally mustered enough discipline to see some short term success. My determination would eventually dwindle and I would balloon back to a size greater than when I started trying to reduce. I had to change my approach if I was ever to have any lasting results. I took classes and began to study nutrition. The principles that I learned were life changing. The problem I identified during this period of education was; nutrition can seem complicated for common people like me to understand. Common principles are often purposefully made confusing. Many companies put a twist on common knowledge, so as to elevate their significance, by confusing you with their proprietary secrets. I wanted a program that would teach people the basics of nutrition, in an understandable way.That is what we have accomplished with Body 4 Believers. The information we instruct are the principles I used to remove 100lbs in 6-months and reduce my cholesterol 100 points in the same time frame.These principles are simplified and organized in a way so real people can understand and apply them to their life.

The Guinn Family lost a total of 298 lbs. in 10 months on Body 4 Believers.

I began a job requiring me to have a yearly health screening. They told me with my weight (204.8 lbs.) that my already expensive health insurance premium was going to increase by $25.00 if I didn't do something about my obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high blood sugar. I had to prove to them I was actively doing something to change that. I came home and told my husband, Chris what was said and we were going to lose the weight we had gained even if we had to pay to go on a plan that was out there. We sat down and began to look at the Body 4 Believer program book we had purchased.
As we read and went to the class each week things quickly began to fall into place. After the 1st week of being on the program the four of us lost about 25 total lbs. That was the first 5 lbs. I had lost in forever! - Angela Guinn

Leah Smith loses 95 pounds

Since February of 2012, I have lost a total of 95 pounds (and counting) by following Body 4 Believers. When I began the B4B program, I was a senior at the University of Alabama.  One aspect that appealed to me most was that the food you eat while on B4B was so easy to prepare.  It was very easy for a college student to make a meal on a busy schedule. When I first started, I had no idea what my results would be but I quickly realized that B4B was changing my life. I have changed my lifestyle, and all of my eating habits. Those foods that I once thought I could not live without, no longer control me, and the best part is that I get to treat myself with a few of those "goodies" on my cold days. I am now beginning the next phase of my life as a career woman, and I have the energy and the confidence to be the young woman that my God created me to be.

Sheena Powell has lost 98 pounds

My name is Sheena Powell and I started Body4Believer a little over a year ago. When I started this life change, I weighed in at 289.5 lbs. I didn't realize that I was so unhealthy. I knew that I was overweight but did not realize how bad it was. I am so thankful that I had such a wonderful church family that got together to learn how to live healthy.
I had tried other weight loss programs before, but they never worked. Body4Believers was not another weight loss program, it is a lifestyle change. I now have lost 98.4 lbs in a little over a year.

Brooke Hill loses weight and feels great!

I can sometimes see things with my own eyes and not believe it. When I saw Body 4 Believers and heard the stories of success, I was skeptical. I couldn't believe people just eat food and lose weight. My aunt and uncle had began the program and it seemed so successful for them. They were literally melting away! As I began hearing bits and pieces of how it worked, I was overwhelmed and thought there is no way I can do that program. My aunt had assured me that if I sat through the program and heard it from the beginning to the end that it would all make sense. The one problem was that I lived in Enterprise Alabama and no classes were being offered here! I scheduled a weekend with B4B to come and Bro. Danny came down to my church. After hearing it and seeing it, I knew I could do it. My whole family jumped on board and we began on January 18, 2013. I have lost 24 lbs since then and am feeling great. I have several more pounds to go but am confident that they will melt just as the previous ones. Last year I had went to the doctor for some chest pains and was just overall feeling yucky. He let me know really fast it was because of my weight which was 194 lbs, my liver numbers were out of whack, my cholesterol was 216 and I was put on blood pressure for the first time in my life! My eating habits were horrid and I was slowly killing my body. I knew I had to make a change if I wanted to be around for my children. I just went to the doctor this week and my blood work is perfect, I am weaning off the blood pressure medicine, my cholesterol dropped 39 points and my weight has continued to stay down. I feel wonderful and am so thankful for this program. B4B has returned to Enterprise and hopefully will be coming again soon! There are so many people who are having success here and we could never thank Greg and his guys enough for introducing us to this program! If you live far away, I encourage you to either buy the Instructional manual, DVD series or have the amazing presenters bring this life changing program to your hometown!

Julie West loses 30 pounds

As a teacher and a busy mom of two, I'm always in a hurry, especially when eating. I was accustomed to eating fast food and ballpark favorites. 194 lbs had crept up on me. January 2012, I was dreading turning the big 3-0. To make myself feel better about it, I decided to make a New Year's Resolution to lose 30 pounds before my 30th birthday that was coming up in that May. I attended B4B meetings and learned how to work the program. I lost the first 20lbs by my birthday. In August of 2012 I had lost a total of 36 pounds. While I didn't lose 30 before 30, I did surpass my goal a few months later. YAY!  I have kept the weight off for a year now and i feel great!!! B4B showed me how I could make a few daily lifestyle changes that would keep my entire family healthier!

These are just a few examples of how the Body 4 Believers program helped others. If it can work for these people, it can work for you!

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