How To Get Started

There are two ways in which you can get started learning the information found inside this program.


If you are a self motivator and you love learning at your own pace, then we invite you to order the Body 4 Believers Instruction Manual.  With this resource, you will receive the "nuts and bolts" of our program that is presented each week at one of our many seminars and classes.  This book takes you step-by-step in how to build your knowledge of the food you are eating and how your body could be rejecting your intake.  The key is to learn what your body will do for you in burning the unwanted fat.  You help your body burn the fat by putting the right combination of foods together at each meal.  Your body in turn does you a favor by burning the fat.  And as a way of saying, "Thank You" your body starts losing the weight for you.

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Every week of the year, we send out qualified instructors to all parts of the nation sharing this information of how your body can help you lose the weight.  Some people just do better by listening to others so we make sure our instructors are able to present this information on a level for everyone to understand.  They are very patient to help you fully grasp the concept you need to know in order to get maximum results.  All of our classes are FREE to attend because we want to see you become healthy.  All of our instructors are very engaging and will have you laughing one moment and motivated to lose weight the next.  Not only are our instructors very talented speakers but they talk from experience by each being a participator of this program.  Not only have they put the program to the test but they have each seen great results from what they share with you.


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