Giving Back

Acts 20:35 tells us it's more blessed to give than to receive.  It's this verse that has born a principle with Body 4 Believers.  We understand the pitfalls of every pastor who has a ministry within his church needing financial assitance to get off the ground.  Whether WMU, Youth Programs, Facilities, Church Debt, all churches could use assistance. 


Thus the start of the Body 4 Believer's Incentive Program.  Pictured left is Program Director, Greg Lockear presenting a check to Pastor Chris of Center Grove Baptist Church, Rock Springs, Ga.  The money was given to help the church install a new phone tree system.  And they got the donation just by getting people to show up for a 2-day class.


"What a blessing when investing in kingdom work", says Greg Locklear.  If you would like to learn more about the Body 4 Believer Incentive Program, simply call our office 205.497.9630 and see what has to be done for us to bring a check to your church.







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