Danny Flora Announces Retirement

Three years ago, three men came together to form a business relationship that has transformed the lives of so many people.  Through careful planning and many hours of perfecting the program, Body 4 Believers has become a successful way of life that is helping many people not only lose weight but their doctors are removing them from what was once thought to be a lifetime of medications.  

One of the men who made this company what it is today is Danny Flora.  Through his tireless efforts, Danny has helped so many people by traveling all across Alabama teaching the Body 4 Believer program.  Many individuals and families are indebted to him as we are for his heart to see the lives of people change for the better.  

That's why it saddens us to announce his retirement from Body 4 Believers.  Danny's commitment to this company has help posture us for even greater success in helping more and more people.While we will miss having him around us on a daily basis, we are also very excited for Danny and his family for this next transition in his life.  We would also like to thank the special people in his life who have also sacrificed time away from Danny to allow him to fulfill the agenda of our company. 

"God brought our company together by His divine providence placing the right people in the right positions.  Times and seasons change as we advance through life.  Danny is now at his season of retirement.  His gifts and abilities have been a blessing to Body 4 Believers and we will surely miss him.  He has helped a tremendous amount of people regain their happiness and health.  I will forever be be grateful to Danny for his professionalism, attention to detail and unmatched work ethic.  May God bless all of Danny's future endeavors."  - Greg Locklear 

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